Chest Gutad will make a trip to Africa !

Chest Gurad for women will make a trip to another world to Africa, hope it gets there safely though. It was very hard time when I sent out to South America and Middle East. My point for doing this is that I want everyone to know there is a CHEST GUARD for women. That will be happy for me. One day, those ladies become instructors in that area, I want them to understand this is very important for women. Even though if not, still these people in Africa never seen Japan nor known about Japan, yet they like Kyokushin Karate. That makes me motivation to do this work.
I wish it will reach to them safely!!! Wish me luck, guys!!またチェストガードが地球の反対側に旅立ちます♬まあ、私がここにアップすると言う事は、ホンマに届くか不安な時です(笑)そう、アフリカですよ😅南米の時や中東の時は苦労しましたから、こちらは無事に着くといいんですが…まずはこういう物があるという事を知ってもらえれば、それで満足です。いつか彼女らがその地域で指導者となった時に、これも大切な物だと理解してくれてたらもう、そりゃ最高ですが。そうでなくても、多分日本なんて見た事も行ったことも無い彼女らが、わざわざ極真空手を愛してくれてる、というだけで私にとっては十分な動機になるわけで。無事に届きますように。押忍

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昇級審査 Grading test and Japan Yuth intensive training

Today, we had grading test and after the test had a Chubu Hokushinnetsu yuth intensive training. At the grading test, 4 students from my class took one and did super. Ofcourse beside my students, everyone did super!! I was so happy! This result came from daily your effort!! Also young women fighters are growing which made me happier!! Keep on trying guys!! Osu punch

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もうすぐ昇級審査会!Grading test

The promotion test will be on this coming Sunday. Keep on going!! Every comes to practice Kata eventhough they don't have much time.... Keep with your confidence and take a promotion test!!Osu :) 今週末の日曜日は昇級審査会ですheartみんなこの調子で!時間が無い中、社会人の皆さん、本当に型も頑張って来ました。審査会当日は自信を持って臨んで下さいsign03押忍catface

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お疲れ様でした♬Long day

It's sake which is local brand alcohol beverage company. From School Entrance Ceremony to Jodo, my long day has overed. They are my tonight partner which are more likely typical at our local convenience store. I really tired today :) 入学式からの神道夢想流杖道。長い1日がようやく終わりました(笑)今日は国盛祭り?愛知の尾張・西三河のコンビニでは定番の地元の日本酒、国盛のにごり酒とスパークリング清酒「ラピスラズリ」。ホンマに今日はお疲れ様でした♬#日本酒


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