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Life of my one week :)

Today's morning runnin Constant dropping wears away the stone. There is only way of meaning that if you keep continue to effort. !!! I will run everyday for make it a habit :)今日のモーニングのラン♬雨水岩をも穿つ。努力は継続してこそ意味がある☆習慣化するまで毎日走ります(=^・^=) —

Today's karate and boxing training was over 今日の空手とボクシングのトレーニング終了

What's the powerful people !!!! When the train past, it would be resumed all shops as it was the best part .逞しい‼︎ この電車が去った後、すべてが元通りになるのは圧巻。

I will take the keiketsu test , next week so...I drew a picture the keiketsu measuring method (it's named Kotsudo-hou ).来週は経穴のテストがあります。とりあえず自分で骨度法を絵に描いてみました。

Every friday night, we've got to do Sparing Festival at our dojo!!Darth Vader and Spider also enjoyed the festival !!!! 毎週金曜日はスパーリング祭り。スパイダーマンもダースベーダーもエンジョイしちゃうお祭りです(笑)

Today's fighters training was over I ganna haveing Jo-Do and Kata training from now on !! 選手稽古終了♬これから杖道と型の稽古です〜(*´∀`)

Today's karate class was over All-junior Japan tournament will be held next week. Junior high school students also took part for this class . Adults were stimulated by them !!! Osu 本日のビジネスマンクラス終了♬来週は青少年全日本。中学生もクラスに参加しました。大人も良い刺激を受けました(*≧▽≦)ノシ))

it's rainny day again!! I cuoldn't run in this morning. Instead, I was shadow boxing free space at the school...but still, I wanted to run in this morning!!! 残念ながら今日の雨降り。モーニング・ランは出来ませんでしたが、代わりに学校の屋上の踊り場でシャドーをしてました。でもやっぱり朝はランニングしたいですね(;ω;)

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The water called studying :)

I finished morning running!! Lecture was cancelled today because it would be the Entrance Ceremony tomorrow. Many practical medical people would get into the deep in the water called studying.... Have a great day to you guys!!!!Osu ;)

早朝ラン終了☆明日は入学式なので講義がお休みです。大勢の医療人の卵が学びの海に船出します。今日も皆さん良い一日を‼︎ 押忍☆

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Jo lesson :) and Running ;)

Jo lesson today My karate dojo student came to trail He was also impressed by the depth of martial arts !! And.... if a camera turns on me, I'm gonna make preparing my punch soon!

Morning running was over Practical class of acupauncture and moxibustion will start later on today. I can't wait!!
早朝ランニング終了♬ 今日は鍼とお灸の実技が始まります☆もう、めっちゃ楽しみ‼︎

Morning running ! running ! running !! Only 30 minutes before taking the lecture I feel great !!! Have a great day to you !!
モーニング・ラン♬ 講義の前に30分だけですが気持ちいい〜(*≧▽≦)ノシ)) さあ、今日もよい1日を!

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Morning running :)

There is a large park next to the Nagoya Iken sports technical school. here I can jog, kata, and shadowbox as well...at my school, I have an exemption , so I will be able to train for my spare time!!! .
名古屋医健の近くに大きな公園があります♬ ここならランニングや型、シャドーとか出来そう 免除科目があるので空いた時間にトレーニングしよ(*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Morning running ! running ! running !! Only 30 minutes before taking the lecture I feel great !!! Have a great day to you !!
モーニング・ラン♬ 講義の前に30分だけですが気持ちいい〜(*≧▽≦)ノシ)) さあ、今日もよい1日を!

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New semester 新学期

It started new semester (school year) today for my daughter. She ate a delicious crepe the last day of spring vacation It was gooood !! She LOVES it !!!


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You are THE MAN !!!!

He got WIN !!!!! Takeshi Igarashi, he is Satoshi Igarashi's son His opponent was a very famous fighter in Japan (he was a K-1fighter KuSakabe ) He won the fight with his great technique!!!!! Awesome!!!!
You are THE MAN!!!! 勝った〜〜‼︎(*≧▽≦)ノシ))五十嵐分支部長の息子さんであります五十嵐嵩視選手、勝ちました!彼の対戦相手は有名な元K-1の選手(日下部竜也選手)です。素晴らしいテクニックで勝ちをもぎ取りました‼︎ もう、本当に 素晴らしい‼︎

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Let's get rumble-----!!

Takeshi Igarashi, he is a professional feather wieght boxer! His father was the Kyokushinkan All Japan tournament Champion! He practiced karate with us when he was child :) Today, he's gonna challeng 2nd professional match. Let's get rumble ---- !! Takeshi !! Go for it !!!

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Changing seasons

Today, it was very very cold :( Especialy changing seasons from Winter to Spring, in Japan, we are saying that Sankan-Sion. It means cold days for 3days and warm days for 4 days coming and going....then real warm spring season will arrive!!!! we can't wait!!


Tiempo furio para 3 dias despues tiempo cariente para 4 dias venido y llagado!!

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Moxibustion and wooden sword

The school training session tody!! I came to pick the wonmwood up which use for the material of moxibustion with acupunture with class mate :)




I am here for Nagoya Isami martial arts and Fight Collectibles shop This shop is good for customer ;)You can check all items touching and feeling by your hand :)格闘技&武道ショップの名古屋イサミに来てますここは実際に実物を手にとって見る事が出来るのでイイですね

wooden sword !!
I've just bought it heart

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Nagoya sky

This photos makes me feel back then !! The pic was taken for shoes advertisement. It took place on ther roof where I went school for 3years "Tokai Medical Technical School."

懐かしい写真が‼︎ 靴の宣伝のために撮影しました。東海医療科学専門学校の屋上で撮ったんですよ。名古屋の空は広大でした…

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